First Aid

Question: Would you know how to find your nearest heart defibrillator and if required how to use it?

Courtesy of British Cycling’s education programme support team, and in association Jen Isherwood from the Edinburgh Academy and a member of one of Scotland’s Mountain Rescue Teams, we have been provided with a series of YouTube links to First Aid material that provides a wealth of guidance from how to conduct a vital signs assessment, the difference between ‘big-sick and little-sick’, to performing COVID compliant CPR, dealing with Hypothermia, placing a patient in the recovery position, and of course how to use a Defibrillator. And why managing your mindset and humour is important to your wellbeing, and also a link to a brilliant locator app called ‘what3words’.

As Jen explains throughout the YouTube videos, with practice and reflection these tools could become skills for life for any member who would like to learn a little more about dealing with a medical emergency, whether during a club ride, at home with your family, or out and about conducting your everyday business.

Check it out here:



First aid: Part 1 Intro

First aid: Vital signs assessment

First aid: Primary Survey

First aid: Primary Survey Demo

Goal setting using Fun ideas

Kindness: The Science Explained

Humour and laughter: Why it’s important

First aid: Choking

First aid: Bleeding wound

First aid: Bone injury

Active listening part 1

Active listening skills 2

Review of learning: First aid

Review of learning: humour/kindness/listening

Fixing Stuff


Planning a trip in nature

First aid: CPR

First aid: Burns

First aid: Outdoors

Self care: Happiness


Course review

Resuscitation Council

Life Saving Training Options



HSE Covid Guidance

Covid CPR film

Defib film


Firefly links to Skills for Life films

Bike Femoral Artery clip

Hypothermia Norwegian skier

Agonal respirations explained

Tourniquet application

RFU spinal roll

Log roll skate park

Pre-hospital care spinal management update Oct 20

Recovery Position solo rescue spinal

Roll onto spinal board in gym

Jaw thrust

BHF Choking

Auto injector film

Recovery position

Helmet removal full face

Helmet removal various styles of helmet