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WCC exists as the central point of contact for cyclists in the Wokingham area. We organise group rides, social events, time trials and track sessions at Palmer Park Velodrome. We are an inclusive club with ages between 15 and 80 years old, triathletes, mountain bikers, gravel riders and roadies. Check out the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions and join using the button above.

Which days do you run Club Rides on?

Sunday is the core riding day for the club from Peach Place in Wokingham between 8:00-9:00 am. However, Ride Leaders are increasingly planning and leading rides on Saturdays, mid-week and during some evenings.  During the Summer upwards of 50 members are on rides each Sunday.  Even in Winter 30 riders are out depending on the weather.

What sort of speed and distance do you cover on a typical club ride?

This chart shows the speed categories for our club rides in mph and km/h. The speed band refers to average moving speed for the ride. Long or hilly rides will typically have a lower overall average speed. Remember that group ride speeds are typically higher than you might be able to achieve on your own. Rides will indicate a target elapsed time for the route and the route distance and indication of the elevation gain. We have a no-drop policy on all group rides so the group will always ride at the slowest pace, unless agreed otherwise.

How do I know if I am fit enough to ride with you?

Well you won't know unless you try! The wide range of ride categories mean we cater for all types of riders, from those recovering from illness and injury to those ready to compete. Pick a start point and progress through the categories as you find your ability and your fitness and skills improve.  If you still don't think you are ready to start with us, click here for a list of other cycling groups and clubs in the area who offer more beginner rides or are more racing focussed.

Do you have any club rules?

More like 'guidelines' really! When you sign up for one of our club rides just make sure that -

  • Your bike is working and that you have tools and stuff to fix your bike independently
  • You are prepared for changing weather conditions
  • You listen to and follow the direction and guidance of your Ride Leader
  • You are aware of your position and the position of others in the group
  • You communicate with other riders highlighting hazards and signalling before you change position or slow down
  • You ask for help from the group if you need it!
  • You follow the Highway Code and model good road behaviour, being mindful of other road users.

How many women are in the club?

We have more than 50 women in the club, which is approximately 17% of our membership. Whether you want to ride socially or join a Time Trial, you’ll find the club welcoming and inclusive. We have dedicated women's WhatsApp community, Welfare officer, and women’s reps who you can chat with prior to joining to see if this is the right club for you. 

Can I ‘try before I buy’?

Yes. Potential members can sign up for a free Trial Membership which allows you to book onto an Intro Ride.

On the Intro Ride, you will be given all of the information you need about joining the club, our rides and how to sign up for them will be explained. There will be coffee stop in Peach Place after the ride to review any questions.

The ride is designed to introduce group riding and includes some busy roads over the M4 before settling into quieter roads where we can chat and try out faster group riding before finishing with a short climb up Billingbear Lane before returning to Wokingham.

To join these rides we ask that you are happy cycling at least 15 miles above 12mph.  Please read our Ride Sign Up Checklist before joining.

If you have any worries about joining us please feel free to have a chat with us ( or message us on Facebook.)

Once you've done your Intro ride, you can sign up for a full membership which will allow you to see and book on regular club rides at the appropriate level

How much does it cost?

Full membership is £25 per year either as a one off payment or a recurring annual amount.  If you are Under 25 you can take a discounted membership for £15 per year.

What will I get as a paid-up member?

WCC Members have access to the following:

  • Regular Ride Leader organised and led Club Rides (road and off road)
  • Discounts on British Cycling and Cycling UK membership and insurance products
  • Increased rewards scheme points at Mountain Trax on all purchases
  • Events such as:
    • The Summer Series Time Trial
    • The Club’s social hub at the Wokingham Bikeathon
    • Velodrome group ride skills and road craft training
    • Social events
    • Overseas ride trips, e.g. Mallorca
  • The WCC Facebook community, to learn and socialise with other Members
  • Access to purchase discounted official WCC cycling kit, made by Endura
  • WCC Emergency Management and I.C.E. card

Will I get a guaranteed ride every week?

Rides are created by Ride Leaders who volunteer to lead rides, so there are no guarantees of being able to book on an organised ride each week. The waiting list feature of the booking system will help show where there is extra demand and more Ride Leaders may well volunteer rides if available. If you can't get on a ride the Members Facebook group is a good place to organise an informal ride.

Can I join a Club ride immediately after joining as a member?

Yes, when you have joined you can book onto a ride straight away. We will contact you to check that the ride you are booking onto is suitable for you and let the Ride Leader know you are a new member.

Will the Club Rides be limited in their size?

Ride Leaders decide the number of riders they want on their ride to ensure good communication and safety. If a ride is full, you will be able to join a waiting list where you are automatically added to a ride if places become available. We monitor waiting lists and will assign additional ride leaders and increase numbers where possible.

How do I book onto a ride?

Once you are a full member, you can book yourself onto a ride via the website’s ‘Book a Ride’ section, which is under the Members Tab. Some rides are opened for sign-up 4 days prior to the start date and time, meaning that a ride listed to start at 8am on a Sunday morning will become live for sign up at 8am on Wednesday morning. If a ride is full, you will be able to join a waiting list where you are automatically added to a ride if places become available. We monitor waiting lists and will assign additional ride leaders and increase numbers where possible.

Once I’ve signed up for a Club Ride, can I cancel it?

Yes, the website will allow you to cancel your participation on a ride. Of course, the more notice you can give, the better, as late cancellations could be stopping other riders from taking part.

How does the club manage ride risk?

WCC has a general Ride Risk Assessment, which conforms to British Cycling’s direction and guidance on managing risk from various hazards. All Ride Leaders consider these risks when planning rides and monitor risk during the ride to mitigate these risks. The committee will cancel official club rides if there are weather warnings in place and advise on risk for icy roads and high winds.

Is club kit available to purchase?

Club kit was designed in-house and is made in Scotland by Endura. We keep some stock of most items but additional items are ordered twice a year so we can meet minimum production runs. You can see stock levels on the Store part of the website.

Do you attend sportive events?

We do attend sportive events together sometimes. Events of interest are discussed on Facebook and WhatsApp groups but signing up to them is down to the individual. The members groups are only available to individuals who have paid for full membership.

Any good routes around?

Yes!  The club has lots of tried and tested routes.  We usually stop at a 'destination' cafe so we organise routes by our favourite cafes.  Check out the guide here 

Am I insured on Club Rides?

As a club we are affiliated with British Cycling and Cycling UK. Please note that cyclists join our rides at their own risk. We are not insured against injury to yourself or others, neither are we insured against damage to your property or the property of third parties. It is important that you cycle responsibly and take responsibility for your own actions. British Cycling offer personal insurance as part of their individual membership. Details can be found here

What are membership funds used for?

The Club operates on a purely voluntary basis. Subscriptions are used to:

  • Secure website development, hosting and management
  • Public liability insurance
  • British Cycling club membership, Cycling UK club membership, Cycling Time Trial club membership
  • Venue hire and refreshments at social events
  • Ride Leader Training from British Cycling
  • Subsidised club kit

What is the history behind WCC?

In cycling terms WCC is a relatively new club. Started in 2013, WCC has grown from a handful of cycling enthusiasts who used to turn up outside Wokingham Town Hall every Sunday and decide where they would go on the day to a club with over 200 members in 2022 who benefit from well planned rides led by experienced and trained ride leaders. WCC is reliant on its volunteers, including over 40 Ride Leaders, to operate a structure that helps us to organise rides and other events in an inclusive and efficient manner. Active members and their annual subscriptions allow WCC to develop, plan and implement a programme aimed at providing benefits to all members regardless of cycling ability. We operate as a not-for-profit Social Enterprise.  WCC operates a flat hierarchy, with committee members elected annually at the AGM in January. Accounts and plans are presented at the AGM each year. Fundamentally, the majority of club activities are led by the club’s Ride Leaders who will organise the clubs events supported by the committee.