New Members

You are welcome to come on any organised ride, just make sure that -

  • Your bike is working and that you have tools and stuff to fix your bike independently
  • You are prepared for changing weather conditions
  • You listen to and follow the direction and guidance of your Ride Leader
  • You are aware of your position and the position of others in the group
  • You communicate with other riders highlighting hazards and signalling before you change position or slow down
  • You ask for help from the group if you need it!
  • You follow the Highway Code and model good road behaviour, being mindful of other road users.

If you have group riding experience and have a very good idea of your usual distance/speed and want to go straight onto a club ride, please contact us through Facebook or by email for advice or to let us know that you have signed up to your first ride. If you are unsure then contact us for advice and we'll point you at the right ride.

As a fully paid member of WCC, we would recommend you join the members only Facebook group.

If you use Strava, don’t forget to also request access to our Strava group.

Spaces on our rides can be reserved through the Book a Ride section of the website.  We endeavour to run several regular rides throughout the week.  Always check the website (and Facebook group page) up to the morning of the ride in case we have had to cancel it for whatever reason.  Social and cycling events are listed under the Club Events section of the website.

If you aren't familiar with riding in a group then watch this GCN video below for a good introduction -

Thankfully, our rides and events are usually remembered for all the right reasons. That is, club members safely enjoying themselves whilst encountering only good natured individuals along the way. However on rare occasions, something can go wrong.

It is important and a requirement of our club insurance that we keep a record of club activities which have involved abusive behaviour, injury, illness or property damage sustained by club members or third parties. To facilitate this we have created an online Incident Report form.

An Incident Report should be completed and submitted as soon as possible after the incident with those involved delegating one person to complete the form. Only one form should be completed per incident.

Finally, don’t forget to check out our road rules document before you attend any of our rides.

Happy riding!