TeamUp Guide

How to post a ride on TeamUp, cancel rides and access member info for your ride

Creating rides

You'll need to be setup with a special account on TeamUp to access these features. Switch to this 'business account' to be able to access these features - click your name in TeamUp to see if you're setup
Select the Create a Ride button on the WCC Website, or from the TeamUp Calendar select 'Add One-Off Event'
Select the type, date, start and an estimated end time for the ride.  Select the start location or 'See Ride details' if it's not listed. Select yourself and any other leaders as the 'Instructor'.
Enter the number of riders allowed to book.  Consider the leader:rider ratio.  Allow yourself to book on.  Don't book a customer on yet. Click Create to save. 
Now add some more details about the ride.  Select Edit from the Options menu. Don't click the name of the ride at the top! It messes the templates up!
Change the Name of the ride to include destination, distance to display on the calendar. Use a 'custom description' to add more detail and a link to the route. Press <space> after the link to make it clickable. Scroll to the bottom and Save when done.

Updating rides

Its good practice to update the description periodically with a list of riders so members know who they are riding with.
You can get TeamUp to send an email to all riders, click Notify Attendees and enter your message

Cancelling Rides

Select Cancel  from the Options menu
Make sure you Notify Attendees and enter a message explaining the cancelation

On the Ride

Use the Check Off options to take a register at the start (or end) of the ride
If you need to access Emergency Contact Details for riders, use the Download option to create a pdf with the details needed