WCC 2023 Time Trial Series

The WCC TT events are open to all members and other invited local clubs. We’d love to see anyone, who is new to time trialling, come along and give it a go. It doesn’t matter what your speed is, you can test yourself against the clock and try to improve your times during the season.  

Links to TeamUp:

How do I sign up?

WCC members
TT entry for 2023 is FREE for club members. Just sign up to each event in TeamUp in the normal way. Note that for the first event only that you enter you will be redirected the sign the CTT disclaimer.

Non members
Entry for non members is £3.50 per event. You will need to take out FREE WCC TT membership here:  Join (wokinghamcycling.club) thereafter enter each event in TeamUp in the normal way.


If you wish to enter in the tandem category, please e-mail info@wokinghamcycling.club with the name of your co-rider.

If you wish to enter in the two-up category, both riders will need to sign up (and pay), then one will need to e-mail info@wokinghamcycling.club to ask us to link you.

If you are unable to attend any TT that you have entered, please cancel your place. No refund will be given (non members).

The system can only hold one bike category per rider. If you want to ride in more than one category, please e-mail  info@wokinghamcycling.club

If you wish to keep your time secret, e-mail info@wokinghamcycling.club when you enter. You will still receive your official time, but it will not be published.


What are the TT Rules?

In Cycling Time Trials safety is paramount: “When time trial courses are designed, safety is a major consideration. However, a competitor’s safety remains entirely his or her own responsibility. Events are held on open roads, and competitors must obey the relevant laws and the Highway Code before, during and after a race. Competitors must avoid creating situations that are unsafe for other road users.”

What are the communications if a ride is cancelled?

In the event of a cancellation communications will be posted on the Wokingham Cycling Club website; on the public and members Facebook page; sent by e-mail to all entrants.

What is the route?

The route is officially called HCC234. The route is not signed, so we would advise memorising or loading it on your GPS device.

You can also download the route from the CTT webpage and see the course records, HERE

What is the gender split?

There will be competitions held for each individual event and across the series. All competitions, with the exception of most improved rider, will be split based into female and male. Transgender athletes are welcome as per the CTT Transgender Policy:


What are the categories?

Road bike

Rules for the Road bike category:
    • No tri-bars, clip-on bars or Spinacci bars are allowed
    • No disc wheels
    • Both front & rear wheels must have at least 12 spokes each
    • The maximum rim depth allowed is 90mm

Aero bike

What are the individual event competitions?

Each Time Trial will have a winner based on the shortest elapsed time in the Merckx and Aero categories by gender.

What are the series competitions?

There are two series competitions.

1.   Most improved riders

This will be measured as the improvement between the first and subsequent times of a rider of either gender in the same category.

*The Time Trial team reserve the right to review and exclude times to remove the effect of any ‘mechanicals’ such as punctures.

2.   Series winners

These will be the rider with the fastest time, by category and gender.